Questions about space

at the start of the space unit we came up with some questions. Mine was How does the Earth work? I now know the answer to this question. We disscussuion it with a grade and it really helped me learn more about the Earth. The answer is… The Earth orbits around the sun while the moon stays still. Now I know what the answer is to my question. I have really learnt a lot from when we started to where we are now. 


Moon diary

this month we have been exploring about the moon, we have been doing a moon diary on the different types of moons each day. I have completed this activity and it was really fun. I am going to show you a picture of it. This Is a picture of my moon diary when it’s completed. These are all the different types of moons. There are a waxing crescent, a waining gibbous   And heaps more. I really liked is activity. We did it every day until the 30th of November. If I had the opportunity to explore the moon I definitely would. The moon diary is like what we did in grade 2. We did one in grade 2 for the sun and the moon. Really liked both off them as they were very similar. Some highlights I had with the moon diary was doing it every day until the last day and exploring al the different types of moon phases. 




Space centre

Yesterday we went to a Space Centre where we learnt about space and how things fly. We had a great day. My favourite activity was the Mission To Mars. What we had to do for that is we were communicating to the people on Mars and we had to warn them if a mediorite hits there space centre. Also we had to ask them questions because they were doing an experiment on things so we had to ask them different types of questions to figure out if a metiorite was going to hit there space ship. I  was with Lily and our roll was the Energy Control.  At the end we heard a massive alarm saying that we and the other group on Mars were in very big danger there was a virus in the computer and they needed to evacuate very fast , they only had 6 minutes. They didn’t make it out alive. I really enjoyed this day because we learnt a lot of things. There were 2 different tasks one was on Earth and one was on Mars. We got to explore things on how things fly, we also got to fly tinsel with a special tool. I really liked this experience and enjoyed learning . If I could go back there I definitely would. 












#dis moment

My dis moment is that we one sport 36-1. We versed Larimar. It was a very fun game. We will find out next Wednesday if we have a catch up round. But if we don’t have a catch u round we will skip a week and we will find out if we are in the semi and grand finals. I am looking forward to see what will happen next. 


A contraction is when a word is shortened so for exsaple are not is shortened by saying aren’t.

1.  Aren’t you going to the dance tonight.

2. Why can’t you come to my house on the weekend. It’s a pity you couldn’t come to my house.

4 . Didn’t you see that great new movie.

5. Don’t you celebrate your birthday. 

6. Didn’t you celebrate your birthday you couldn’t celebrate your birthday I can’t believe you don’t celebrate your birthday you crazy.

7. ‘Twas us who broke into the school. 

8. Mam please make me dinner.

These are contractions

These are contractions





This is my infographic we had to create one on comic life, I found this activity really fun I really liked it. What an infographic is it is when you collect data and write a analyses about that data that you have been given. 



What went well

What went well this week was doing sport. We won 36-12 and I’m really proud of my team for being really good people to myself, teachers and other people. I really like playing sport on a Friday because I really look forward to playing with my team and winning.

This is the bat tennis bat

This is the bat tennis bat

Message leadership

1. If you want to become a leader you can’t be shy. Also you have to challenge yourself  if you want to be a great leader.

2.  You have to be a good role model to your school friends or you won’t really be a good leader will you? If you want to be a good leader you have to be a good role model to younger students.

3. If you want to be a good leader you have to lead by example. Be a good role model to younger kids and if they are running on the path and you Remind them not to run, then you need to make sure you don’t run either because that is setting a bad example to younger students.