Leadership day

Today Mrs Montgomery came in to our grade and had a talk to us about leadership because we are picking what leaders we want to be for next  year.

honesty-  I know that being a leader you have to be honest because if you do something wrong you won’t be able to fix it. 

Listening-  I know being a leader you have to listen because if someone says something you might have to know, it might relate to you. 

Trust your friends-You have to trust your friends because you might not be able to do your work proppaly. 

Stay strong- You have o  stay strong because if you don’t stay strong you won’t get any where at all because you, need to stay strong to get things done. 

Sence of humour- You need a sense of humour because if you don’t have a sense of humour you will be always down and you need to make it fun.

teamwork- You need to have teamwork because you need to work as a team when you are in a leader ship position.

focusing on what is important-  You need to focus on what’s important because you need to stay focused on what that person is talking about always stay focused.