THIS IS A PLACE WHERE I WILL BE WRITING my weekly reflections on our groups challange.
Week 1 reflection, this week we were given a task to help the Enverment. I am in a group with eloise, lillY and me. My three solutions were to go around the school and tell the While school dont litter. Our seCond suloution is to but buckets under the drink taps and any water they dont drink will go into the bUckets and any spare water they dont drink will be tipped into the garden. Our final soulution is to mAKe an art work out kf recycled objects and AfTer it done we Will hang it up in the canteen. The soulution we did was go arOund the school and teLl people nOt to litter. My achivment for next time Is to achive my teamwork.
week 2 reflection, this week when i was working i felT pretty good working with my team. We have fotten our solution approved and Our TEACHER loved our solution. I thought we used alot of teamwork and im really loOking forward to starting my solution i think it wiLl be very fun. Im really lokking forward to it.

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