Leadership day

Today Mrs Montgomery came in to our grade and had a talk to us about leadership because we are picking what leaders we want to be for next  year.

honesty-  I know that being a leader you have to be honest because if you do something wrong you won’t be able to fix it. 

Listening-  I know being a leader you have to listen because if someone says something you might have to know, it might relate to you. 

Trust your friends-You have to trust your friends because you might not be able to do your work proppaly. 

Stay strong- You have o  stay strong because if you don’t stay strong you won’t get any where at all because you, need to stay strong to get things done. 

Sence of humour- You need a sense of humour because if you don’t have a sense of humour you will be always down and you need to make it fun.

teamwork- You need to have teamwork because you need to work as a team when you are in a leader ship position.

focusing on what is important-  You need to focus on what’s important because you need to stay focused on what that person is talking about always stay focused. 


Diamanté poetry

Small, living
They are both planets in space
Hot, red

What we had to do was we had to come up with some words and we also then had to transfer our poem on to our ipad and then we had to decerate it.



i have learnt heaps about science. Like how far away the moon is to the sun and how far the moon is to the earth. I am really liking the unit this term this has been the most successful unit in grade five that what I think. What I found interesting is how big the sun, moon, actually is and how much difference there is between them.  I really like this unit this term. what I want to know more about is is there more galaxy’s not just our galaxy and how many planets are in the universe. I am really liking science, my favourite thing about science is that we get to explore different planets and explore our universe we also get to make models and lots of movies to show what we are doing.

Rhyming poems


The sea is so amazing,
I’m always looking and gazing,
The sea is so big,
That it blew away my wig.
It is confusing and amusing
That it makes me dizzy,
And It made my hair go all frizzy,
The sea is so cool,
It looks like a giant swimming pool,
The sky is starting to get black
But I’m very sure I’ll be going back.
I love going to the sea,
To explore and be me.


This is the sea



Shadows for the day.

Shadows for the day.

image image image

Today we have been doing science and we were looking at shadows. We learnt That when there is sun we can see our shadows but when there isnT sun we cant see our shadow.

I noticed that there was know shhadow after lunch but there was a shadow. But Now there is know shadow. My shadow was in front of me. 

Shadows are created by the sun. If there is Know shadow, if there is sun there is your shadows. Shadows can be there for like a second then they can just disapeere. Shadows sometimes can be very strange. 

Lunar system

Today day we are focusing on the lunar system. We did this drawing of the Sun,Moon and the Earth. This is my drawing of what i think the lunar system is. ALso on how big the lunar system is. I am really enjoying this space topic so far!!!



Haiku poems

This task was where we wrOte dIfferent hakui poems about different topics and it dos’nt have to rYme. It was very coOl and very fun. It Comes from japan. We bave to have 5 syllables on the top and on the bottom and we have to have 7 in the middle. We only have 3 lines. It dosnt really take long.
Space and planets
space is really cool
We EXPLORE THE universe
this is a journey

Cause and Effect

The definition of cause and efFect is the cause ks something that has HAPPENED and the effect is the rEasult of what has HAPPENED. For exaple i ate to much so i felt sick. This is my table. The discriPtion of Our task was we Had to watch thIsvidio and find the cause and the efFect. We Had to put into a table so we could understand it betTer. That is my explanation of cause and effecT.image